New Alresford Town Council


Lloyds Bank

Audit Report 2013/14

The Town Council has awarded the following grants during 2012/13.

  • St. John's Churchyard - £1300
  • Christmas Tree Fund - £750
  • New Alresford Town Trust
    Mini-Bus - £1099
    Repairs to Avenue Wall - £350
  • Alresford Music Festival - £1000
  • Vitalise Breaks for Disabled £272
  • Winchester Youth Council - £300
  • Watercress Festival - £1000.
  • Community Choir - £540
  • Community Centre - Stonework £500
  • Council Tax for 2015/16

    The Precept for 2015/16 has been set at £275,000, a £6,000 increase from the 2014/15 budget of £269,000. This represents a 1.6% increase, or expressed another way, 18p per payment month for the average Council Tax payer.

    The government are no longer fully funding Council Tax relief and this now has to be borne by the Council Tax payer for claimants in their neighbourhood. However, this additional burden will be partly funded by reducing the relief given for unoccupied property from six months to one month.

    The Government funding for Council Tax relief has been agreed at £19,775 up from £17.6k in the previous year.

    Finances stay on track.

    All committees and departments of the Council are forcast to come within their operational budgets this year (2014/15). Our reserve levels have now been restored and are within the tolerance levels of the guidelines for local authorities.

    Components of the Budget

    The Budget for 2014/15 is made up of a number of items that there is little opportunity to change

    Staff £95,000
    Property Insurance £14,500
    Arlebury Park Centre £43,500
    Recreation Grounds £33,000
    Finance & Loan £29,000
    Administration & Prof. fees £19,000
    To this must be added  
    Environment Budget £17,000
    Tourism Budget £10,000
    Grants & Donations £8,000
    Total Net Expenditure £269,000

    It should be explained that the bulk of the budget for recreation is to cover the cost of recreation ground maintenance much of which is grass cutting. The Environment budget covers Litter & Dog Fouling, bus shelter provision and cleaning, the allotments and some lighting. Tourism covers the maintenance of the Millennium Trail, Hanging Baskets and Tourist Information, eg leaflets and their distribution.

    The Arlebury Park Centre includes cost of utilities, (£19,000) rates (£7,000) and building maintenance (£5,000)..

    Our reserves have now been recovered to the recommended levels.

    Grants for 2015/16

    All new grant applications for over £1,000 that wish to be taken into consideration for 2015/16 must reach the Town Offices by 31st October, 2014. Grants for less than £1,000 will be considered in the current year as they are received.

    Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee was disbanded in 2007 and the responsibilities have been assummed by the Full Town Council. Cllr. Roy Gentry was appointed by the Council as the Councillor responsible for financial matters and will report back directly to the full Council.